Automated Order Management Software For E Commerce Websites

Automated Order Management Software For E Commerce Websites

2% of Orders in an E-Commerce Portal have always been noticed to fail and go unheeded and unresponsive.

95 to 98% of E-Commerce portals manage Order Placement and Order Cancellation separately. And it is so because of the involvement of a third party here as Payment Gateway.

Order Management in e-Commerce involves reception of Order Confirmation at the Web Admin, as well payment processing completion confirmation at the end of Payment Gateway. Only after receiving confirmations from both these ends, can an Order be moved in Successful Orders list.

What most of the e-Commerce runners don’t realize that their system of Order Management is not hacked proof and can now be completely automatized.

While 98% of the Orders get placed successfully, there are still 2% of the Orders which fail to process. Here is the whole process of what happens between the Order Placement and Payment Completion.

E-Commerce portal sends Payment Gateway a request to process the transaction on checkout. Payment Gateway on successful payment completion then reverts back with payment confirm message. And most of the connection is lost at this point while reverting back the information on the main web portal. Also, the system is hackable, given vulnerable point of data loss here. The Orders also junk down because technical errors or the internet close down or data loss or system failure, and the Orders fail to process.

To ensure a hack proof and smooth transaction model, Instant Info Solutions has created a way to automatize the whole Order Management system.

It is also practiced by big e-Commerce Brands like Flipkart, Amazon, but have so far not been worked on smaller database portals.

Cron job in PHP has many applications. The technical team at Instant Info Solutions has come up with a create way to integrate web-services of Payment Gateways with Order Placements at the website. With the smart application of this new technology, we have made it economically possible to implement it on low budget e-Commerce websites for a lower number of database too.

Get your own version of Completely Automated Order Management Software integrated into your Online Shop by showing us your interests. Also, the system will be ensured all hack proof, with leaving no vulnerable points of data loss or Order loss.