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If you are a passionate designer or creative product maker, we are on a mission to help you establish your own products and set a market of your genuine followers.

Digital Marketing For Fashion Designers  has made the market vast and also esoteric. There are small celebrities popping up from various corners of the world, and so is their fan base. Social media has given a wide variety to choose whom to follow and whom to not (even for a while). Independent designers, artists, performers get recognition from people from remote corners who connect with their ideas and design philosophy.

Challenges For Fashion Designers in Digital Marketing

Creative fashion designers launch their products and collections only when the product is ready and orders are to be placed. But having a well thought strategy with earlier preparation before launch helps generate Purchase Orders in advance. This also saves on time, cost and creative energy which can thrusted back in the core job.

Fashion Designers so far were selling their products and collections through evolving e commerce Brands like Exclusive, Snapdeal and Amazon. But because of business loss and strict return policies, their business did suffer. Over from past one year, market observers have watched the depreciation in number of businesses and orders coming for fashion designers through these portals.

Why wait for others if you can do it on your own?

Digital Marketing has opened the world and market for you. All you need to do just keep posting and sharing your products, designs, ideas and philosophy, and people will follow.

Here are 3 tips to launch your collection successfully and monetise through it efficiently:

Tip 1. Consider the seasons and the market
Tip 2. Consult retailers, wholesalers and direct consumers
Tip 3. Plan an year ahead

Having an appealing website which matches and reflects the uniqueness of your products, themes and philosophy is important. We have recently launched a website for well known name in Fashion Industry, Ms. Sonia Jetleey. The design of her new website was loved not only by her but a number of her followers and pals too.

 Best Website Features That Every Fashion Designer Must Have

  • Run Way Images
  • Events and Updates
  • Catalogue and Latest Photo shoots
  • Latest Designs Ideas
  • Seasonal Collections
  • All Collections: Old and New


Digital Marketing is the next step

As per your set target base of followers, buyers and customers start marketing and branding through organic means of SEO (search engine optimization), SEM(search engine marketing) and SMM (Social Media Marketing).

How important is each of these services?

SEO ensures to have your website most updated and optimized as per latest Google trends and algorithms.

Also set keywords to find maximum visibility through organic Google searches.

SMM ensures that you stay connected with your followers consistently.

Branding requires trust building. And more your followers feel connected to you, better would be the sales conversion rate.

I hope these words were of help to gain insights of most modern ways of marketing. Ask us more by mailing on

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