Google Announces the New Website Structure and SEO Rules for 2017

Consider implementing the new technology for SEO , i.e. Accelerated Mobile Pages to make your websites perform faster and better.

Accelerated Mobile Pages project  (AMP) is another Google activity to assemble a superior, more easy to understand portable Web by presenting another “standard” for building web content for cell phones and mobile devices like, iPad, etc. Fundamentally, this new standard is an arrangement of principles that frame a basic, lighter form of HTML. Web Pages designed considering AMP and in compliance with it are certain to load super-brisk on every single cell phone and mobile devices.

Google’s Vice President of Engineering , David Besbris claims following points about the AMP:

  • Regular AMP pages stack to download in under one second;
  • AMP website pages perform 4x Faster, and utilize 10x less data when contrasted with non-AMP pages;
  • 90 percent of AMP publishers encounter higher CTRs;
  • 80 percent of AMP publishers encounter higher advertisement view rates.

You can explore this new technology , starting with Help Pages from the official AMP Project’s website.

Do not forget to check the Validation of your new AMP Page. As AMP is a strictly valid format, Google will not approve of it to show it to your users, if any of your pages do not meet the requirements of AMP.

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