This Idea has Huge Potential And Must Be Invested In

This Idea has Huge Potential And Must Be Invested In

Cultures talk long and deep stories. Are we doing enough to listen and preserve them?

Ever wonder what a level will e Commerce reach when cultural tribals living in Andaman would experiment with products made by mountain people of Meghalaya?
Or probably a financially modest Delhi girl will have her closets filled with jewelries and artisans shipped from different parts of culturally significant places?
I’m talking about a culture e commerce website called
Ms. Rakhee Kaushik is an inspiring lady with artistic inclinations who assumed the responsibility of bringing you not only culture stories from all corners of the globe but also letting these conservatives reflect it all through their products on her Online Store.
Through this website you can meet people speaking alien languages, playing hand made local musical instruments, and have their own ways to pay homage to their guests. A Giant Marriage of all possible cultures which have established or are in making by evolving society, every philosophy is conveyed and reflected in the products they create, adding charm of their conservative beliefs and liberal love. Skimming through products of this Website is surely going to be exciting for Online surfers.
Let the lady take this awesomely cray idea to a real level of manifestation by showing your interests to it.

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You can add through following possible ways:
  1. Stories Of Your Cultures. Write blogs for her webpage and add your travel and exploring experiences to it.
  2. Sell Artistic Culture Driven Products. Showcase and sell products of your local artisans which have culturally immersing and message conveying feel about it.
  3. Be A Culture Catalyst. Educate about your deep cultural significance and beliefs or that of others which intrigued your mind and certainly had some extra thing to learn from to live life more meaningfully.
  4. Trendy could be tribal. Create new fashion and culture trends inspired from your own observations.
  5. Derive Inspiration. Be an active reader to learn what these insightful have got to say, imbibe later in your practices and to be prepared to teach it later to your next upcoming generations.

Rakhee is currently communicating her idea to potential investors. Do let us know if an interested investor is reading this page.