Social Media Marketing For Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals

Social Media Marketing For Doctors, Clinics and Hospitals establish their name only through the services and treatments they have given to their patients for years. In earlier days, people would learn about relevant Doctors only through the word of mouth and by listening to stories of other patients. But this had many drawbacks too.

While patients were not aware of which doctor to go to for which of their disease. Result, they would have to wander through many doctors to reach to their final doctor who could solve the case. Burning money was a common complaint too. For the patients had to pay for every consultancy they took, no matter if it could not be of much help.

Time and Technologies have brought new solutions. Doctors and hospitals are now just a Google search away. Patients can now read about their symptoms and understand which doctor or specialist to consult to.

The days of digital marketing have now made it easier for patients to reach doctors, while doctors can reach to the patients widely too. By talking about the most common diseases, symptoms and its treatments, helps the patients not only to understand their cases better but also the doctors can be trusted if he/ she has a good record and successful past healing case studies.

Patients demand to consult to a trust worth doctors these days. Also it is the duty of doctors to ensure the faiths of their patients in their services. This can happen through consistent Brand Building and Digital Marketing.

Here are few Digital Marketing tips for Doctors and Hospitals to follow:

  1. Have a user friendly website for patients to book appointments easily
  2. Blog about your work experiences and case studies
  3. Have your profile updated with your field of expertise
  4. Be visible on Google for important search keywords pertaining to your Doctory domain
  5. Have your website SEO and SEM optimized to land on 1st page of Google for important search keywords
  6. Social Media Marketing. Share tips on health and life widely through social media
  7. Connect widely with you patients and followers through social media

Being in Digital Marketing industry for quite a time now, I have observed that phony doctors have benefitted a lot from the modern ideas of marketing. Although they could not solve much of their patient’s cases.

It now relies as responsibility of marketing experts, that whom they seek to partner with and promote. I personally opine that technologies and powers of the time must lie in good hands. Goodness drives one to take an initiative to make right decisions for the benefit of whole society.

Also the doctors who were quite established and were known for their work suffered in business because most of the queries, now coming through online channels were being pulled away by doctors who prioritized on marketing themselves.

I hence would request all established, hard working and responsible Doctors to not wait for leads to come through old orthodox ways. We are here to help you reach your medical services to those who have genuine and urgent needs.

Team at IIS INDIA has much experience working with sensitive clinical, medicinal, doctors and hospitals. We understand the gravity our marketing decisions could bring for lives of many.

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