Telehealth Telemedicine and all that you need to know about it.

Telehealth Telemedicine and all that you need to know about it.

Credible, cheap and in time must be in the key services list for any healthcare company to be able to succeed and solve world’s healthcare problems. A synergistic convergence of Information Technology with Medical Science shows enormous potential to solve such giant problems for a giant economy.


Healthcare and technology have been together and have always grown together without ignoring each other’s progress in time.

AIIMS launch of telemedicine and telehealth services is a much prolific example in meeting the challenges of healthcare delivery to rural and remote areas besides several other applications in education, training and management in health sector.


The old way to reach good doctors was expensive, time-consuming and frustrating. With good doctors being located only in bigger cities, it was too difficult to make medicines reach to the remotes. Also once reached the right doctor, soon would the patient was hustled out the door to deal with insurance and paperwork, leaving many patients complaining about fewer grants of head and medical attention.


With telemedicine and telehealth services in place, our generation of tech-savvy doctors are trying to bridge an easy and affordable gap between the far aware patients and localized medical facilities and diagnosis.


Now patients have wide phone and internet access to a nationwide licensed doctors 24X7 and can also save on health insurance costs. Telehealth Telemedicine has made it possible diagnose, answer questions, and prescribe medication over live Video Conferencing and telephonic calls.


While improved video conferencing allows users to send high-resolution medical images as complex as transmission of electronic medical records of clinical information, diagnostic tests such as E.C.G., radiological images etc. and reports back and forth.


Routine illnesses can be consulted about right away from home. So no waiting in line or filling up insurance papers. Straight forward answers and solutions for routine illnesses can be taken through consulting Doctors right from home.


For special or rare illnesses too, a specialist doctor can be connected through local city hospitals through equipment which has made communicating much easy. Medically underserved areas can now be connected with specialists doctors who are located miles for much cheaper prices, minimum time and less consultation fee.


Meet Drs. Who are a few hours away from your home, right next to your bed. Instead of missing work, and save on traveling and hotel expenses


Also, the process is certainly tested and verified before as use of such extensive technology and medical support is no alien or new but has been used before by many disaster management teams during times of emergencies.


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